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Buylist FAQ

A few things to keep in mind

- All prices on the buylist are for Near Mint/Mint cards unless otherwise noted.  We are currently only intrested in English cards.
- We pay out for trade-in orders via PayPal (fees may apply... Click here for more info), Check or store credit.
- We offer a 30% bonus to your payout if you choose store credit (this does NOT apply to bulk sales).
- Yes… You can have your trade-in credit issued as a Gift Certificate (useable on  And yes… the 30% Store Credit bonus does still apply if you choose this option.  In the comments section just before you submit your trade-in to us, just add a note that you want your credit as a TWS Gift Certificate… THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IF YOU WANT TO USE YOUR CREDIT TO BUY MINIATURES!!!


The Process

1 - Use the menu on the left side of the site or the search option to find the cards you want to sell and simply add them to your Sell Cart (make sure your in selling mode).
2 - Once you have everything you want to sell selected, click the “Sell Cards” link in your Buylist Cart.  At this point you can make any changes you want to the items you have selected.  Once everything is good to go, click “Submit Buylist” at the bottom of the screen to get things going!!!
3 - We will double-check your Submission to make sure we want everything you are selling at the price we quoted you, and send you an approval email (we will normally have this done within one business day).  PLEASE DO NOT SHIP US ANYTHING TILL YOU RECEIVE AN APPROVAL EMAIL.  Also, please take a minute to look over the approval email.  We will occasionally make changes to submitted trade-ins.
4 - Once you receive and double check your approval email, you can ship your cards to:
TCG Department
1293 Middle Country Rd
Middle Island, NY 11953

5 - Please pack the cards in the order they are listed on the approval email. If you do not do this there will be a 10% penalty on your final payment.  Also, include a copy of the Approval email in the shipment so we can easily identify who you are.
6 - Please ship safely!!!  We will not be held responsible for Trade-Ins lost or damaged in the mail. We highly recomend insuring your shipment to us.
7 - Once your items arrive we will give them a once-over to make sure everything is accounted for and in the proper condition (we will generally have this done in one business day).  If there are any issues, we will adjust the total sell price accordingly.  Once this is done, you get paid!!!


We buy Magic cards in bulk

If the cards you want to sell aren't listed (we are still currently still adding sets to the buylist... We try to get at least one added a week, so keep checking back) we buy cards in bulk.  Our bulk rates are:

Mythics: $0.10 Each
Rares: $0.05 Each
Commons/Uncommons: NOT CURRENTLY BUYING!!!
FOIL Rares & Mythics: $0.25 Each
FOIL Commons/Uncommons: $0.05 Each

- Bulk Trade-In's are NOT eligible for the 30% Store Credit Bonus.We reserve the right to lower our bulk buy prices if an unacceptable amount of the cards you send are not in NM/Mint condition.  If you don't like the reduced rate, we would be happy to return your cards at your expense.  To avoid all this aggravation, simply make sure what you are sending us is in the correct condition.  If you are intrested in selling us bulk cards, click here!!!


Selling us your collection

More information on this coming soon.  Till we get this all figured out, contact us ( for more information!!!